The 6 types of people who matter in your business

Our users have figured out that IncMind offers a series of powerful tools. What was missing for the entrepreneurs was an understanding of which tool is needed, for who, when. So we have redone our menu structure, to give entrepreneurs one tab for each need, and each audience.

The 6 types of people who matter to your business (and an IncMind section for each):
1) News: informally update your helpers (people who will help you if they can easily do so … and you remember to ask)
2) Monthly Reports: formally update your existing investors, board or incubator
3) About Us: introduce potential investors to your business
4) Minute Book: make life easy for your lawyer, and save on legal fees
5) Corporate Files: for investor due diligence, or your accountant and lawyer
6) Tools: to make life easier for you, the entrepreneur

Over the coming month, we will gradually reorganize all our tools to fit this template. If you want to see what it looks like, sign in and create an account – for free – to see, and use, IncMind for yourself.