How to Get Great Shareholders in Your Company


If you have ever received multiple rounds of outside investment into your business, you will have realized that not all investors are equal. Some shareholders are supportive partners who have good advice, and go out of their way to make introductions and help your business. Others are always hassling you, and force you to waste your time dealing with them and justifying your business decisions, rather than letting you run […]

Getting a Yes in your Investor Presentation

When I first started work as a management consultant (yes, I have a sordid past), I was taught how to give good presentations. One very important rule they hammered home was the importance of making sure that the first few slides in your presentation were completely factual statements that nobody could disagree with. For instance, you wouldn’t say “Client is 50% underweight in the big box retailer market”. You would […]

5 steps to maximise your chances of an investor introduction


Venture capitalists and angel investors typically invest in less than 1 in 100 of the companies they look at, so they spend their days saying ‘no’ to companies.. They also have to have a quick filter to decide no. They can’t waste a lot of brain cycles thinking deeply about every reject: they need to focus on the winners. So rejections come fast and furious. Getting an introduction means the entrepreneur convinced someone […]

The Angel Investor Casino – A CEO’s Ultimate Temptation

Angel Investor Casino

As a CEO, when you raise follow-on funding you often must decide what do with your angel investors. Many CEOs decide not to keep their initial commitment to their angels, falsely assuming it is both the only, and the accepted, option. Such CEOs don’t consider the very real and significant consequences of this decision. Today, we explain why CEOs, as the ultimate decision-making authorities, believe they don’t have a choice in […]

Entrepreneurs do crazy things, for a good reason

Small, entrepreneurial companies make the kind of agile and reflexive decisions that large companies can’t or won’t, and in fact, may fire managers for. IncMind recently did just that, launching a new company landing page with little more than three days of work in preparation. On Monday, we had one branding strategy and image, and by Wednesday, we had another. This kind of strategic quick turnaround is unheard of in […]

The 6 types of people who matter in your business

Our users have figured out that IncMind offers a series of powerful tools. What was missing for the entrepreneurs was an understanding of which tool is needed, for who, when. So we have redone our menu structure, to give entrepreneurs one tab for each need, and each audience. The 6 types of people who matter to your business (and an IncMind section for each): 1) News: informally update your helpers […]

Splitting shares in a new company

My cousin recently introduced me to an entrepreneur. He is an inventor, who has developed a <$10K piece of machinery, that can save a specific kind of business $1M a year in operating expenses. I have been asked to help turn the inventor’s company into a real business, working perhaps 1 day/week. And I have a potential full time sales guy to add to the team. The question, of course, […]

Backstabbing (of) CEOs

Being a CEO is a position of power. The result of sitting in a position of power is that people who want power will go after you. This means as a CEO you will be a target for sociopaths: people who care about power, and have no concerns about lying and backstabbing to get there. Given that as many as 1 in 25 people is a sociopath, and as many […]

My investor just died

One of the largest investors in my previous company just died. In mourning Murray Hogarth I realized I’ve never fully mourned Skymeter, or deeply understood and shared the lessons of its passing. Let me start with the man, and what I learned from him. The company will follow.

Take (some) money off the table

I have been a multi-millionaire multiple times in my life. On paper. In hard tangible assets, I am currently worth not even a half million dollars, after four (or more) companies. How did that happen, and what did I learn? Read on. One of the things you learn in spending over a decade as an entrepreneur is that you win some and you lose some. Of course you’re always hoping […]