Communication Tools

On IncMind, you can communicate all kinds of information (from confidential to public) to all kinds of people, in one place. Every post has a one click security setting that allows you to limit it to you and your most trusted advisors, share it with all stakeholders following you on IncMind, or even post it on Twitter. Post once, and notify, or request help from everyone who matters. On IncMind, you can control who sees what, ensuring that the right people always get the right information.

Manage your Stakeholder Communications with News Posts This is a forum for you to communicate with people who are interested in your business, but not actively involved with it, or highly trusted. Instead of cluttering up their inbox with newsletters and updates, everything you post here is centralized, prioritized, and effectively managed. Your stakeholders choose the frequency with which they receive updates, so you can add content to this page at any time without fear of flooding your readers. Think of this as your secure, Twitter or Facebook page with curated lists of followers.
If you’re part of an incubator or a fund, you can aggregate all of the messages from them here, get private feedback from your mentors, and respond privately back to them.
Monthly reports represent good discipline, serving as a reflection of all you’ve achieved, and helping illuminate next steps. Often, venture capitalists, other funds, or even incubators will need to make monthly reports to their own stakeholders. They may prefer you to aggregate your news into a monthly report format, to make their job easier.