Data Room

Your data room is like an online filing cabinet, a repository for all your important files. Traditionally, data rooms have only been used for a financing transaction, meaning that when one begins, files are scattered across systems and locations, often taking weeks to collect. With our cloud-based data room, the process is streamlined, and documents are centralized and kept secure. It’s always up to date, and ready to share.

IncMind utilizes a logical structure to organize files that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, regardless of who added it, when, and what the file is named. IncMind’s is an intelligent data room. Every document stored is categorized according to document type, date, and with comments. A traditional data room can only answer questions such as ‘does the file named JohnEmployment.doc exist’, or ‘how many files are in the folder called Employment agreement’. IncMind’s data room can tell you much more.
In fact, with IncMind, you’re no longer limited by the dictates of files and folders. Information is structured to match our real world experience, and includes information about people and businesses you’d typically find in a company’s CRM system. You can easily find things like employment agreements and other documents attached to a specific person or company. We also have basic CRM capabilities associated with our data room, giving small businesses reliant to Excel or Word a powerful, simple-to-use CRM.