Fundraising Profiles

Your fundraising profile is your first point of contact with new potential investors and stakeholders. Investors will use this feature to review your elevator pitch, and if they’re interested in your company, to learn more. They can do all of that on our Profile tab. Mentors, service providers, and new employees can also use this tab for a crash course in your company information. There are a number of subsections under this tab, including teaser, details, team, investor files, and lean canvas sections.

This is the only part of your IncMind profile that is potentially visible to the public, and is your first point of contact. You can choose to make your teaser public, so you can be discovered, or keep it private so only people you invite can see it. It is an an elevator pitch designed to drive interest in your company. It should be concise, focused, and clear.
If your teaser is successful and you’ve created interest, this is your viewer’s next stop, and includes an FAQ, corporate information, and a place to load videos.
This section allows you to tell people about the talented individuals on your team.
This is where you’ll keep executive summaries, business plans, financial models, and anything else that an investor may require.
Your lean canvas is a one-page visual summary of your business that allows you to quickly describe all of its key components. It is commonly used instead of a business plan for early stage companies.