Minute Book

A minute book is a legally required set of documents that tracks all of the core legal governance information of any corporation. This section is split into subsections that include all of the necessary information and documentation relevant to that stakeholder group or function.

Here you’ll find meeting minutes, as well as board meeting materials. You’ll also be able to see which board members have opened which documents.
In this section you can review the formal rules and restrictions that govern the company, internally and externally.
This functions as a full electronic shareholder register, or cap table. This feature collates all entered transactions, and automatically generates your cap table. It can accommodate a number of different kinds of securities, including common shares, convertible debt, preferred shares, options, warrants, etc. Each transaction is complete with information on the other party involved in it, and includes any relevant documentation, making it easier to validate, and far more convenient for anyone in the midst of due diligence. It is shareable, and can be customized to analyse data in a variety of ways.
This tab serves as a register for current and past decision-makers, and their information, including profiles, and any documentation linked to them.