How to Get Great Shareholders in Your Company


If you have ever received multiple rounds of outside investment into your business, you will have realized that not all investors are equal. Some shareholders are supportive partners who have good advice, and go out of their way to make introductions and help your business. Others are always hassling you, and force you to waste your time dealing with them and justifying your business decisions, rather than letting you run […]

The Angel Investor Casino – A CEO’s Ultimate Temptation

Angel Investor Casino

As a CEO, when you raise follow-on funding you often must decide what do with your angel investors. Many CEOs decide not to keep their initial commitment to their angels, falsely assuming it is both the only, and the accepted, option. Such CEOs don’t consider the very real and significant consequences of this decision. Today, we explain why CEOs, as the ultimate decision-making authorities, believe they don’t have a choice in […]

In praise of family offices

by Kamal Hassan One of the prizes in our current funding competition (closing Oct 31st), besides a meeting with Canada’s top venture capital firm, is the potential to meet one of two family offices. In discussions over the past few weeks, I have discovered that many people don’t even know what a family office is. The best way to think of a family office is the following: