5 steps to maximise your chances of an investor introduction


Venture capitalists and angel investors typically invest in less than 1 in 100 of the companies they look at, so they spend their days saying ‘no’ to companies.. They also have to have a quick filter to decide no. They can’t waste a lot of brain cycles thinking deeply about every reject: they need to focus on the winners. So rejections come fast and furious. Getting an introduction means the entrepreneur convinced someone […]

IncMind: helping entrepreneurial ecosystems

This is the first post in the official IncMind blog. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed: and to help everyone around the entrepreneur in contributing to the business. Sure, we have a great tool, which we hope you will all try out … and we have knowledge and experience to share, which you can either get through the tool, through this blog, or in both places. What is the […]