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Designed for Small Business

Why use tools designed for large enterprise, or for sharing cat photos? Small businesses have special needs. You don't have a finance or legal department, or a chief administrative officer, but you still have a corporation to run. Our tools make it easer for you ... and for everyone you work with.

Are Small Businesses your Clients?

Do you find administering your portfolio tiresome? All those endless emails and phonecalls just to find out what is going on! Imagine being able to sign in to your portfolio online, with the latest information updated automatically, from the company's own files. You can today, with IncMind. You can even run your own private group, and invite co-investors, advisors or limited partners.

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Your Business Information stays Private

Social media is read by your competitors. The real story is for those you trust. You can be as private as you want to be, even hiding all or part of your company for your eyes only. And our bank-grade security keeps your information safe.

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